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The relationship between a business and its accountants is one based on trust and dependability. If you are unable to reach out to your accountants in your time of need, or if they are slow to respond, then you might have a problem and should immediately think about switching accountants. You have worked hard to get your business to the point it is at right now, and you shouldn’t be bearing losses in the form of time, money or additional stress just because of someone else’s negligence. If you have been experiencing this, maybe it’s time to make a switch! Speak to us and see how our expert accounting team can help and if you should change accountants?

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Decided to Change your Accountants, Switching is Simple!

Speak to us

Speak To Us

The first step in Switching Accountants and engaging Clear House Accountants as your trusted advisers is to speaking to us. Organise a Free Consultation to speak to us and see if we are a good fit for your needs, and if we can cover things you are currently unhappy about with your existing accountant. Once you have spoken to us and received the answers to your questions and a bespoke proposal, all you need to do is decide if you want to move over to us and change accountants.

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Join Us

Once you have decided to leave your previous accountant and join us, switching over to us is simple and hassle free. You will need to sign our engagement letter, give us your previous accountants details with an email confirming you are moving over to us so we can get professional clearance, sign a 64-8, which declares us as your agents, and we will do the rest. We will notify your previous accounting firm, get all the data from them and also allocate you with a dedicated accounts manager to make sure your move over to us is as stress free as possible.

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard!

Now that we are your accountants , we will make sure of the following. You will have a dedicated accounts manager, your single point of contact. We will also book an onboarding meeting with you to make sure we understand your business and your requirements. We will give you an overview of the various tools and resources available to you and work with you during the meeting to design a mutual way to work together , moving forward.

Want To Know More About Us!

About Us

About Us

If you are looking for a new accountant or are just thinking about changing accountants, you should learn as much as you can about your potential new accountants. Clear House Accountants pride themselves on their history and the company profile they have built over the years. View our company profile and learn about the systems, services and solutions we have built over the years and the the potential awards we have won in return.

Our Services

Our Premium Services For Businesses To Grow!

If you are looking for an accountant that can cater to your needs, you need to look no further. We have built an extensive team of experts who can cater to your various needs, from completing tax returns to preparing accounts or sorting complex tax planning matters. You could be working as Sole traders , Limited Companies or Partners in a Partnership, we are able to offer bespoke accounting services around your needs.

Interesting Reads

Interesting Reads

Our expert accountants consistently write about various topics as industry leaders. If you are looking to solve a specific problem why not read our blog to see if you can find a quick solution.

What do Our Clients Have To Say About Us?

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What do Our Clients Have To Say About Us?


Contrary to what your current accountant may have you believe, switching accountants is actually a fairly simple process. Changing accountants can be done with the least amount of hassle, work, and disruption to your limited company or business.

Here are some steps to help you if you want to change accountants and work with our seasoned team at Clear House Accountants. If you do have any inquiries, please get in touch with us, and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you in making the switch.

  1. Changing the accountant’s letter
  2. Registering with a new accountant
  3. Sign a new 64-8 form for your new accountant
  4. Read through the Letter of Engagement
  5. Letter requesting Professional Clearance

You must give notice in writing to your present accountant. A concise email that includes information about the services or businesses that will be relocated as well as the effective date will do. Details on the new accountant should also be included in this email.

No, now with Clear House Accountants, you can easily switch your accountant by following the simple steps outlined above.

The procedure for changing accountants is simple. If you decide to change accountants, you should schedule a free consultation call or meeting with one of our consultants to learn how to make the process simple and painless for you.

The first step is to sign the engagement letter and take you on as a customer.

We require you to identify your business and establish a sense of trust around our developing relationship once the obligation has been decided.

The next step is to sign the 64-8, which designates us as your accountants and authorises us to communicate with HMRC on your behalf. After that, you can relax and trust us with the rest. To inform your prior accountants that Clear House Accountants is now in charge of processing your accounts and financial matters, we would need to write them a clearance letter.

It’s time to introduce you to how Clear House Accountants operate after the clearance procedure is complete. You will become familiar with our reporting procedures, how your KPIs are measured, and how often you can expect reports from us.

There are instances when parting ways with your existing accountant is important. You can simply want more from your relationship, or the situation might not be working out. Always keep in mind that your funds exist to support you; therefore, it is in your best interests to obtain financial consultation tailored to your needs. Clear House Accountants prioritise its clients’ businesses as we believe our client’s growth is our growth. You will only realise everything you were missing out on with your previous accountants when you switch over to us.

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