Investor Readiness

Your Gateway to Successful Fundraising

We support high-growth tech, SaaS, and e-commerce businesses in getting the investor ready for the next investment rounds, instilling in them the confidence and credibility crucial to scoring investments they need.

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Get Your Business Investment Ready

Pre Funding

  • Valuation
  • Data room
  • Pitch Deck
  • Decision making around packaging
  • Cap table management
  • Team and Leadership
  • Financial plan, with sales and spending projections
  • EIS/SEIS (Advanced Assurance)

Post Funding

  • Management Accounts
  • Board Pack
  • Company Secretarial Work
  • EIS/SEIS (post Issues)
  • Investor Relations and Communication
  • Growth Strategy Review
  • Operational Efficiency Analysis
  • Risk Management and Compliance


  • Grants
  • Investor research
  • Seed Funding Support
  • Readiness for the Next Round of Funding
  • Investment Proposal Development
  • Networking and Pitch Events
  • Legal and Regulatory Advisory for Funding
  • Funding Strategy and Roadmap

Win Investor Trust

Master Your Pitch Deck Today

Success really boils down to being well-prepared. Before you pitch to investors, your business must be fully prepped.

Imagine you’re sharing your growth plans, and an investor asks for detailed financials or the logic behind your projections.

If you falter here, your credibility takes a hit. Our goal is to ensure you’re never in that spot.

Our 12-Week Investor Readiness Program:

A Complete Roadmap

Our experts have designed a comprehensive investor readiness program that enables us to understand your business model and strategic goals deeply. Over 12 weeks, We help you build your narrative and unique story, aiming to maximise business valuation and minimise risks. We ensure your business showcases not just the key metrics for the next round of funding but also operational maturity to impress the investor network.

Phase 1: (Week 1 to 3)

Start Off On The Right Foot

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

Analyse and benchmark the business finance function with actionable insights and strategic plans.

Elevating financial operations helps in increased valuations.

Week 2:

Legal Structure and Compliance:

Work closely with our legal partners to analyse your company’s structure, identify and address risks, and stay compliant.

Streamlining your Legal Standing helps in a smooth investment journey.

Week 3:

Tax Planning and Strategy:

Evaluate your tax position, focusing on risk management and eligibility for investment schemes like SEIS/EIS

Streamlining your tax position helps reduce any uncertain situation in future. 

Phase 2: (Week 4 to 6)

Building Trust with Potential Investors

Analysing Historical Finances:

Conduct an exhaustive review of your past financials, focusing on structure, key performance indicators, trend analysis, and accounting principles. This solid foundation builds trust and confidence among investors.

Strong historical financial reporting helps build investor trust

Week 5:

Enhancing Financial Projections:

Refine your financial models with a critical eye, ensuring they are robust, stress-tested, and aligned with industry expectations. This phase is crucial for presenting credible and compelling future financial scenarios

Presenting credible future financial forecasting to stand your ground.

Week 6:

Narrative Development

Sharpen your business plan and pitch deck to tell a cohesive, compelling story that aligns with your financials. A well-crafted narrative is key to capturing investor interest.

A well-crafted narrative is key to capturing investor interest.

Phase 3: ( Week 7 to 9)

Preparing for Investor Interactions

Pitch Preparation:

Conduct intensive pitch practice sessions with our experienced partners to perfect your delivery. A polished and persuasive presentation can significantly influence your valuation.

Polishing presence and pitch can significantly influence business valuation.

Week 8:

Data Room Organization:

Set up your data room with a clear, industry-standard layout to facilitate a smooth due diligence process, showcasing your readiness and professionalism.

Showcasing your investor readiness and professionalism.

Week 9:

Mock Due Diligence:

Undertake a mock due diligence exercise to identify and address potential issues beforehand, ensuring a seamless real due diligence experience.

Eliminating risks and ensuring a seamless real due diligence experience.

Phase 4: (Week 10 to 12)

Final Steps to Investment Readiness

Cap Table Analysis and Strategy:

Work with your team to examine cap table scenarios, ensuring clarity and consensus among all stakeholders regarding potential dilution effects.

Understanding different scenarios for complete transparency.

Week 11:

Valuation and Strategy Consultation:

Develop and refine your valuation strategy, aligning with industry benchmarks to balance ambition and realism perfectly.

Avoiding credibility loss by maximising value with realistic valuations

Week 12:

Investor Network Engagement:

Utilise our network of trusted finance partners for strategic introductions, efficiently connecting you with investors that align with your business goals and values.

Introducing our partners network for easy access to funds.

This structured approach ensures your venture is prepared for fundraising and poised for success, aligning every aspect of your business with industry standards and investor expectations.

Get Investor Ready – Recent Insights

How We Can Support Your Success

As leading London accountants, Clear House Accountants’ expertise extends beyond traditional accounting, providing a holistic approach to ensure you’re fully prepared for investor scrutiny.

Strategic Financial Planning

Develop and refine a three-way integrated financial forecast that aligns with your business goals and investor expectations.

Corporate Structure Optimization

Evaluate and advise on your corporate structure to enhance efficiency and attract investment.

Compliance and Risk Management

Conduct comprehensive legal and tax health checks to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring compliance with SEIS/EIS eligibility.

Performance Analysis

Analyse historical financial data, industry-specific KPIs, and trends to bolster investor confidence with credible reporting

Financial Modelling and Forecast Review

Stress-test your financial models against industry benchmarks and investor criteria, ensuring they reflect a realistic and achievable future.

Credit Investment Pitch and Narrative Development

Refine your business plan and pitch deck to ensure your narrative is compelling, well-articulated, and financially sound.

Preparation for Due Diligence

Assist with data room setup and mock due diligence to anticipate investor queries and streamline the due diligence process.

Investor Engagement and Networking

Leverage our network of corporate finance partners to connect you with suitable investors, enhancing your fundraising efforts.

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