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Clear House Accountants

Clear House Accountants
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The world no longer recognises traditional accountancy firms, there is now a need for analytical business partners.

At Clear House Accountants, we recognise this and have positioned ourselves as a digital accountancy practice that sparks creativity and growth by infusing futuristic, adaptive and technologically advanced solutions.

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As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your company’s bottom line. We provide the support and insights you need to make informed decisions about your business’ finances. Navigate the ever-changing landscape of the UK accounting and tax laws.

Accounting Firm In The UK That Provides

Innovative Solutions To Help You Grow Your Business

As modern accountants with traditional values, we believe in being perfect business partners for small businesses. We do this through effective strategic advice utilising industry.

Innovative Accounting Solutions

Innovative Accounting Solutions

We understand your business and offer innovative bespoke accounting solutions.

Intelligent Tax Strategies

Intelligent Tax Strategies

You can trust us to provide you with the most efficient and effective tax solutions.

Smart Financial Management

Smart Financial Management

We work with you to ensure the financial success of your business.

Clever Business Startup Support

Clever Business Startup Support

We offer a full range of accountancy and tax services for start-ups.

Effective Payroll and VAT Services

Effective Payroll and VAT Services

We offer a comprehensive payroll and VAT service to save you time and hassle.

Switching Accountants Made Easy

Switching Accountants Made Easy

We make it easy for you to switch to us without any hassle.

Going Beyond Traditional Accounting Services

Going Beyond Traditional

A small business requires proactive accountancy, tax management and effective management accounting to grow in a competitive marketplace. As professionals, our accountants in the UK use agile methodologies and a structured advisory approach to manage your financial accounting for effective accounts and cash trolls. As skilled accounts experts, we are able to create cloud-enabled accountancy and business infrastructure utilising cloud accounting software, enabling rapid business growth for clients. We bring the right solutions to complex tax problems fulfilling the submission of timely and accurate tax returns. Our team of specialist tax advisors continuously monitor and plan for serious taxation issues to manage potential financial risks.

Why Businesses Choose Clear House Accountants

Intelligent Cash Solutions

Intelligent Cash Solutions

Cloud Accounting software

Cloud Accounting Software

Service Partner Network

Service Partner Network

Accredited Accountants

Acccredited Accountants

Startup Accountants
Limited Company accountants
E-Commerce Accountants
Retail business Accountants
Property Accountants


Accountants for freelancers and Individuals
contractor Accountants
Technology Accountants
Media accountants

We provide comprehensive services to resolve complex business issues. Our solutions will cater to you regardless of your position, you can be a sole trader, a startup business, a limited company, a partnership or an individual seeking self-assessment services. Our comprehensive packages offer the finest services to support our client’s business growth and expansion. We believe in using exceptional services to assist small businesses through tax planning, bookkeeping and management accounts with the right blend of tools to enable rapid business growth such as our growth portal.


Accountants for startups in the UK, Marketplaces, Tech & Fintech companies.

Limited Companies

Accounting for all sorts of Limited Companies, Limited companies by shares/guarantee, and C.I.C.’s

Sole Traders

We constantly look for new opportunities for sole traders to improve their business productivity.


Accountants for Contractors

SaaS Businesses

Accountants for SaaS Businesses

Tech Businesses

Accountants for Technology Industry


Accountants for Freelancers


Accountants for Small Businesses

Specialised Accounting Advice
Around Your Business

Our specialised business advisers understand the pain points faced by businesses in different industries. Armed with this knowledge they are able to implement holistic solutions for clients to resolve serious operational and financial issues. Our clients get their own dedicated accounts manager to ensure that they receive an amazing experience every time they work with us. Whether you work as a limited company or a start-up, we have trained our team to be able to proactively provide bespoke services to cater to your needs while boldly reinventing the most optimal resolution.


Highly Recognised Chartered Accountants

Vouched-for best matched accountants

Vouched For

Clear House Accountants have been verified accountants since 2018 by the prestigious organisation ‘Vouched For.’

best google reviewed accountants

Google Reviews

Clear House Accountants are highly trusted accountants with positive reviews on Google given by our clients.

Proven Expert accountants

Proven Experts

Clear House Accountants are certified expert accountants as validated by ‘Proven Expert’ through real feedback.


If you would like to discuss your accountancy or tax needs with an experienced professional, book a meeting with Clear House Accountants.

Top Reviewed Accountants in the UK

top Reviewed Accountants in the UK


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