Technology Accountants

Technology Accountants

Empowering tech entrepreneurs during their startups, scaling, expansion, capital accumulation and exit, Clear House Accountants, brings you top of line Technology accountant services. From fast growth strategies to setting up an immovable organisational infrastructure, our technology accountants are equipped with the skills and expertise required to become your most trusted advisors. With experience working with some of the most esteemed names in the tech industry, Clear House Accountants has everything you might need and more.

Making sure we provide every client with the respect and attention they deserve, we treat every client as our most valuable asset and spare no effort in finding the perfect solution to their technical accounting problems. Designing custom teams specialised in the problem at hand has made us stand out from the rest of our competitors. Whether you are a freshly bootstrapped start-up or an experienced veteran in the business, with personalized teams and expert advisory services, we aim to become the outsourced financial advisors you can lean on.

Our widespread accounting services network, interlinked amongst all of our offices spanning from London all over the UK, provides elaborate and adequate financial services to all tech-based set-ups regardless of their sizes. We understand the complicated nature of incorporating a tech startup in the UK and the necessity of capable accounting services to get you through the complications and obstacles faced in the financial aspect of your business life. Helping you take ahold of your business dreams, one number at a time.

Tech Bookkeepers

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record, our award-winning performance is proof in itself. It reaffirms that we deliver high quality solutions, have strict data and privacy protection policies, hundreds of free resources and money-saving services.

Accounting Excellence Award

Accounting Excellence Award

Clear House Accountants have been ranked among the Top 5 ‘Fast Track Firms’ for the prestigious accounting award by ‘Accounting Excellence ’

British Business Award

The British Business Award

Clear House Accountants were proud to be shortlisted for the Accounting and Tax Advisor of the Year award by The British Business Association for two consecutive years

Digital Accountancy Awards

Digital Accountancy Award

Clear House Accountants have been shortlisted as one of the Top Ten Leading Digital Accountants by the Digital Accountancy Awards for Quality & Performance

Technology Accounting Services Offered

We, at Clear House, understand the importance of a financial advisor and the responsibilities that come along with the role. Therefore we provide our clients with only the best services offered in the business. We are making sure that our clients can move towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

Statutory Annual Accounts

Clear House Accountants provide comprehensive and timely reporting on the financial activities of a business by utilising the annual accounts and reports, these cover accounts review to accounts preparation to submission and reporting to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Companies House (CH).

Bookkeeping Service

Our Bookkeeping services ensure accurate effective bookkeeping to help a business utilise the full benefits of effective tax planning and cost savings by laying a strong foundation. This enables sustainable financial management and helps integrate other services within your existing or growing business processes.

Contractors Service

Our accountancy services help contractors stay fully compliant to avoid complex issues and costly penalties while staying on the right track following HMRC’s set rules and laws. We are well aware of critical IR35 scenarios to changing rules for different industries and help you plan for those to avoid any possible crisis or penalties.

Secretarial Service

Clear House Accountants create a well-planned systematic flow to take care of your company’s secretarial tasks and responsibilities while providing flexible, timely, and comprehensive services that keep Company House well informed of your company registers and any critical changes being made in the business.

Why Do Businesses Need Professional Tech Accounting Services?

Incorporating professional accounting services in your business allows you to prepare tax better along with regulatory requirements and establishes a proper financial etiquette in your industry. Being better equipped to understand the financial necessities of a business, professional accounting services can prove to be of substantial value in your pursuit of success.

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Add Value To Your Business With Professional Accounting Resources

Our tech accountants not only help you with setting up a proper cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping setup but also gets you ready for tax returns and TSB (Technology Strategy Board) audits. With years of experience under our belts, our professional resources are equipped with the most comprehensive information, helping you improve your daily business performance. We have made it our mission to provide our clients with more than what they have called us up for, making sure that not only their current problems are taken care of, but such problems never resurface again. We ensure that these resources are made easily accessible by our clients to ensure that they stay compliant with UK policies while improving account efficiencies and business performance.

Technology Accounting Resources

Guides For Any And All Business Needs, Download Your Free Copy!

Industry Specialised Software?

As a Leading Accountancy Services provider, our mission is to provide you with the best online software that is suitable for your business management needs and demands. We help build complete software ecosystems around your business needs, all these solutions are compatible with your online software.

Xero Certified Accountants

A simple and Easy-to-use online accounting and tax software, one of the best in the industry for small businesses that are seeing rapid growth.

Sage Accountants

Trusted software for accounting and bookkeeping solutions provided to businesses to manage money, payroll, and tax.

Quickbooks Certified Accountants

One of the largest software making online accounting easy. Customise invoices, track expenses and prepare reports all at one place.

Our Partners

We partner with industry leaders to make sure you have access to the best resources and people. We are all about empowering our clients. Here’s the Proof:

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