Small Business Tax Services
Small Business Tax Services

Specailsied Tax Services in the UK

Our professional and experienced team of tax advisers at Clear House Accountants provide a comprehensive range of personal and corporate tax services for individuals, companies and partnerships from various business sectors. We provide innovative and bespoke solutions to your complex tax issues and our dedicated tax accountants guide you through the tax compliance requirements which have been set by HMRC, the main UK tax authority. We do not just offer tax compliance services but we integrate different methodologies and strategies to ultimately reduce your overall tax liability.

Whilst everyone knows tax is a charge levied by HMRC on income earned which is liable to be taxed in the United Kingdom. Understanding UK tax implications depending on the business sectors, filing your income tax, and staying on top of deadlines simultaneously can become extremely complicated. No matter what your current income tax position is, the right assistance and tax advice can help you identify the tax risks faced by you and your business. From filing our clients’ personal tax return to paying corporation tax on their LTD company’s profits, at Clear House Accountants our tax services cater to the need for personalised assistance in relation to all tax-related matters.

Tax Accountants


As Tax advisors we have a proven track record, our award-winning performance is proof in itself. It reaffirms that we deliver high-quality solutions, have strict data and privacy protection policies, hundreds of free resources and many money-saving strategies.

Accounting Excellence Award

Clear House Accountants have been ranked among the Top 5 ‘Fast Track Firms’ for the prestigious accounting award by ‘Accounting Excellence ’

British Business Award

The British Business Award

Clear House Accountants were proud to be shortlisted for the Accounting and Tax Advisor of the Year award by The British Business Association for two consecutive years

Digital Accountancy Awards

Digital Accountancy Award

Clear House Accountants have been shortlisted as one of the Top Ten Leading Digital Accountants by the Digital Accountancy Awards for Quality & Performance

What Types of Tax Services Do We Offer?

Clear House Accountants understand the importance of regular tax filings and the complexities surrounding different tax legislation that make it hard to claim all the potential tax reliefs available such as the patent box relief, rollover relief, film tax relief among many other reliefs available. However, we ensure each client receives expert tax advice with a dedicated and personal approach to ensure maximum tax relief while staying compliant.

Personal Tax

Our personal tax accountants are chartered certified accountants and have the expertise to handle your tax strategies, completion and submission of tax returns, detailed reviews of current or pre-tax returns, valuations for tax purposes, minimising penalties while maximising tax reliefs.

Corporation tax

With our corporation tax services, you will be supported to implement tax strategies and tax planning schemes to ensure you avoid paying any unnecessary charges. We ensure that you can find quick and easy ways to improve your corporate tax bill while staying compliant.

Tax Disputes

Tax disputes between taxpayers and HMRC are a fact of life. Clear House’s tax accountants can ensure your rights are respected. Using our specialist tax knowledge and experts we work to improve your chances of winning any dispute with HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax Investigations

Tax investigation is the most dreading element for a business, as tax authorities hold the power to randomly investigate and visit business premises to inspect tax records. We ensure complete support to our clients throughout such investigations while remaining compliant.

Fee Protection

Once an investigation has started it can become both costly and a burden to your business or you individually due to the amount of work involved. Fortunately, Clear House offers a professional fee protection service to help manage costs to cover our work required for your defence against official investigations.

Tax Planning

Through efficient tax planning, Clear House Accountants can help you understand the complex UK tax system while reducing your tax bill significantly. Our expert accountants know the ins and outs of tax relief and will expertly strategize and plan your tax for you and your business throughout the year.

R&D Tax Credits

The UK tax system encourages innovation and you can be eligible for tax relief for the Research and Development you already undertake. We will help you to fully understand the research activities initiated by your business and make a potentially rewarding R&D tax relief claim for you.


If you are a company director, a self-employed person, a member of a partnership, or have been asked to submit self-assessment tax returns for any other reason; our experienced accountants can lead you through the self-assessment process and offer tax advice and solution for complex tax issues.

Why Do you Need Professional Tax Services?

Tax and Business Accounting services can help small business owners stay financially healthy and compliant with tax, VAT returns, Payroll etc. while having an overview of the overall performance and growth. Many businesses do not understand the importance of the right accountancy process that can cost thriving small businesses to lose their success.

Add Value To Your Business With Professional Tax Resources

Clear House Accountants is a Chartered Certified Firm in the United Kingdom who have years of experience in providing complex tax services to thousands of businesses and individuals across the UK. Not only do we offer tax services but our well-researched resources help our clients to proactively improve their daily business performance. We always strive to go beyond the needs of our clients with expertly designed tools, templates, and industry-approved resources. Easy access to these resources enables our clients to stay compliant with UK tax while improving tax efficiencies and business performance.

Our resources, along with expert VAT, R&D Tax, Personal and Corporate tax advice creates the perfect level of service offering for our customers showcasing us as the most credible accountancy firm in the UK, that every business should have on-board. Tax in the UK is complex and demands a high level of accuracy, intelligent planning, regular compliance, and the support of tax experts who can understand the pitfalls hidden in complicated legislations.

Tax Resources

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Pay the Correct Taxes

Use our calculators to find out if you are paying the right self-employed or employed taxes, for more complex situations speak to our tax experts.

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