Make a Referral

Make a Referral

Partners of Clear House Accountants

Referral Program of Clear House Accountants

Refer a Business

  • To Earn £80
  • Real-time tracking to Keep you in the Loop
  • 10% Discount for the referred

Terms & Conditions Apply *

More Referrals more Rewards

  • If you Refer more than five businesses
  • Earn £80 on each new client referred and converted PLUS an amazing custom gift pack

Terms & Conditions Apply *

The More the Merrier

  • Refer ten businesses
  • Get paid £80 for each referral converted
  • Get a 10% discount on your next year’s accountancy fee
  • Free entry to our annual lucky draw to win some really cool prizes

Terms & Conditions Apply *

Earn through our Referral program

Referral Program of Clear House Accountants

Terms and Conditions

You are required to read all the terms and conditions in conjunction with the above offering in order to avoid confusion or disappointment.


  • There’s no limit to how many business referrals you can provide; you will get the referral fee for each new business that starts working with us. 
  • You can claim the referral fee as soon as your referral has been converted and made their first month’s payment to Clear House Accountants
  • You will not be able to claim a referral fee if the referred business has already been in contact with Clear House Accountants before being referred.

Who can join the Referral Scheme?

  • Everybody! If you’re not currently a Clear House client, we immensely appreciate any business referrals for Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships or any Self-Employed Individuals. 
  • Whether you are a Client or a Non-client, you will be rewarded with a referral fee immediately once the referred business has paid their first month’s payment. However, you can also claim a service credit if you are an existing client, against your payments due to Clear House Accountants.

Referral Fee

  • The referral reward may vary depending on the referred business’s type and structure. You will get £80 if the referred business is a Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership or a Sole Trader Business. 
  • The referred business will also get a whopping 10% discount on the purchase of their first accounting package with us.
  • You will get a customised gift hamper from Clear House Accountants on completion of five successful referrals in a year in addition to the £80 you earn on each conversion. 
  • If you refer ten or more businesses in a year, you will get a referral fee of £80 for each conversion and an additional 10% discount up to £800 on your next year’s accountancy fee. It doesn’t end here; once you have made ten successful referrals, you will earn an entry into our annual lucky prize draw, for a chance to win some amazing prizes.
  • Any Business Referrals not listed above, like self-assessment services, will not be included in your total successful referral count.
  • If you have made referrals for individual clients other than LTD, LLP, and Sole trade Businesses, you will get £10 for each successful referral
  • All businesses that have been referred will get a Complimentary company formation service with the purchase of our accounting package, on top of the 10% discount and amazing free addons.

Transparency and Referral Reporting

  • You will get access to a Real-Time referral report, including details of referrals made and their current status to provide complete visibility. You can also contact us at to get more information. 

Rights of Modification

  • We reserve the right to modify the referral terms and conditions in this referral offering at any time with no prior notice. 
  • These modifications may include but are not limited to adjustments to the referral fee rules
  • Old terms and conditions will be applied on Referrals made, before any modifications are introduced.