Complete Guide to using Personal Tax Accountants

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We are specialist Personal Tax advisors in London, we can help you create smart tax planning solutions and can advise on intuitive tax saving strategies. We are ideally placed to review your personal tax affairs to make sure that you are meeting all your regulatory requirements and to advise you on the best most efficient way to save tax all the while growing your personal income. We are Tax Accountants who will take care of all your personal tax needs.

We are based in the City of London however we cater to clients across the UK, we also provide services to non-resident UK individuals who have a UK income tax source. We work with a large number of private tax clients such as Landlords, HNW (High Net Worth Individuals), professionals, entrepreneurs, company directors and other professionals or prestigious memberships. If you are looking for company related tax services you can find detailed services on our Tax Services page.

For Personal Tax services we can assist with:

  • Resident & Non-Resident Landlord Taxes
  • Personal Tax Returns for a variety of Income sources
  • Domicile and Residency Filings
  • Emigration, tax advice for British Citizens living or working overseas
  • Family business tax planning
  • Personal tax investigations support
  • Loan Charge related assistance
  • Foreign Income & Resident remittance basis
  • Advanced Tax Services
  • Corporation Tax  services for Companies

Whether you run a company, are a sole trader or are simply an individual who has a diverse portfolio of financial interests that need to be pro-actively managed in order to minimize your tax burden, you will probably need to use our services at some point. Personal tax accountants perform both an accountancy role and also tend to concentrate on personal taxation matters, rather than acting as a corporate accountant. As tax accountants, we provide both a range of businesses and individuals with corporate and personal tax services.

Read on to discover more about what tax accountants do and how personal tax accountants can really make a difference to your financial situation. We have put together answers to questions in order to help you find out more about Tax accountants, Personal Tax Accountants and much more.

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Everything you want to know about using Personal Tax Accountants


What are tax accountants?

As the name suggests, tax accountants are accountants who specialise in the interpretation of, and compliance with, taxation rules and laws, in line with HMRC guidance. Tax Accountants in London like us are able to offer a selection of personal tax services such as: self-assessment services, property tax returns, residence remittance, high net worth tax matters, capital gains tax issues, inheritance tax matters, foreign income or any other matters which gives rise to personal taxation demands, in line with legal and financial requirements; while pro-actively trying to minimize the tax burden.


What is the role of personal tax accountants?

Tax accountants are fully trained accountants who specialize in all matters which relate to tax and understand the tax law in depth. Tax accountants in London firms can work with clients to ensure they are meeting their tax obligations, as well as put in place the relevant paperwork for tax returns and reporting documentation. Personal tax accountants work in the same way as more generic tax accountants, but will frequently specialize in working with individuals rather than companies, trusts or related entities. If you’re looking for experienced accountants in London who can provide both personal and more business-focused tax services, we’re here for your help for you.


Will hiring tax accountants save you money?

Many people looking for accountants in London, want professional accounting services that can save them money. While they can’t guarantee that as tax accountants they can reduce your tax obligation, they will do everything possible to ensure that you pay only what you legally need to. Most accountants in London understand that people want to hang on to as much of their money as possible: tax accountants are able to apply their knowledge of taxation law in a way which frequently results in clients paying less tax than they have done previously. Whilst they  can’t guarantee that your tax bill will be lower as a result of their services, tax accountants generally use forward planning and a number of other strategies to keep the level of tax their clients pay as low as the law will allow, things such as utilizing available allowances, the tax free rates, relief schemes, backdating losses etc. Tax accountants understand that if they can save you cash, you’re more likely to keep them on, so there is clearly an incentive  to work towards lowering your tax bill.


Does an accountant do taxes?

They may do tax work, but accountants in London and elsewhere also perform a far wider range of activities. Although they  are usually tasked with collating the information needed for a tax return, personal tax accountants can actually undertake accountant tasks that range from financial planning through to restructuring financial vehicles, regulating cash flow, asset management and much more. When you speak with them, you can determine with them the scope of their accountant activities. Nearly all of them  do work with clients to make sure that the correct amount of tax is paid each year, but frequently do far more than that as part of the work which they undertake. If you’re not sure what services tax accountants or personal tax accountants cover, our accountants in London will be happy to explain. There are plenty of tax accountants in London and elsewhere who are able to complete wide-ranging tax accountants work that meet a number of different needs, not simply those confined to tax.


How do I find the best tax accountants?

Whether you are looking for personal tax accountants, an accountant who can help with the financial side of your business or less specialist tax accountants who can work across several different specialities, it’s important to find tax accountants that are right for your needs. Obviously, one set of personal tax accountants won’t suit everyone! Here are a few things to look out for in order to improve the chances of finding someone who is right for you:


  • Do the they have experience of financial affairs which are similar to yours?
  • Are they conveniently located (for example accountants in London for businesses or individuals who live or work in the capital)
  • Are they tax accountants who respond on time and appropriately to your initial emails
  • Do the personal tax accountants you’re considering making any guarantees about the service they provide?
  • Do the accountants in London or elsewhere that you select to have the right personal tax accountant’s software in place to allow easy access to your financial information as and when you need it


Can an ACCA be a tax advisor?

An ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualified accountant is one who has completed a highly demanding ACCA training. ACCA trained personal tax accountants not only benefit from a wealth of financial knowledge they are also committed to regularly updating their professional skills and knowledge through continued tax accountants training. ACCA personal tax accountants are some of the best that you will come across in the profession. In addition to accountancy knowledge, personal tax accountants who are ACCA qualified may also have a selection of related skills, including a knowledge of business regulatory requirements, asset management, tax, auditory or advisory expertise. We have ACCA qualified accountants in London who are able to act as personal tax accountants and advisors to individuals and organization.


How much do personal tax accountants’ cost?

Obviously, all personal tax accountants do not charge the same rate. Firms employing accountants in London, for example, are likely to charge a higher rate for personal tax accountants than a tax accountants firm where the cost of living is lower. When considering the amount you will have to pay for personal tax accountants, it’s worth taking a look at the added value which your chosen tax accountants provide. Sometimes the cheapest personal tax accountants aren’t necessarily the tax accountants who give you the most for your money. Look for accountants in London or elsewhere that provide the pro-active, expert service needed to optimize your income and keep your tax burden as low as possible.


How long does getting your taxes to take?

Your personal tax accountants will be able to advise on the deadlines and financial calendar for filing your tax returns and paying your tax, the financial tax year begins on the 6th of April every year and ends on 5th of April the next year, tax returns for a financial year are due before the end of 31st Jan the next year after the end of a tax year. Ideally, tax should be paid as Payment on Accounts however this is only the case if you have been submitting self-assessment before and had a tax liability for the previous year, you also need to make sure you have money set aside for any tax liabilities that will arise, in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise at the end of the financial period. Your tax accountants will be able to advise on how much tax you’re likely to have to pay and the deadlines for payment.


What is the cheapest way to file a tax return?

Tax returns can be filed online, for no cost, or posted. Tax accountant are able to file tax returns on your behalf, or you can complete the process yourself. Obviously, if you do your own books and don’t make use of personal tax accountants, you save yourself professional fees. The downside of not using an accountant is that you could end up either filing your return incorrectly (potentially facing a fine) or fail to make the best use of all the opportunities available to save tax, meaning you end up paying more than you should.


Can I file my taxes for free?

You do not have to have an accountant, use tax accountant in order to submit your tax return. Submission can be done online for free, or your return can be posted. Note that there is a certain format for the submission of corporate tax returns, which needs to be adhered to whether you use tax accountants or not. As experienced accountants in London, we recommend using personal tax accountants to ensure your tax filing is done correctly.


How can I find a good ACCA Accountant or tax preparer?

If you’re looking for new personal tax accountants or corporate tax accountants for your business, it’s worth bearing the following in mind:

– Tax accountants often have websites. Check those to establish a short-list of personal tax accountants/accountants in London who you feel could work well for you.

– Don’t be afraid to ask accountants in London for further information about their expertise to ensure a good match.

– Use our checklist of skills that tax accountants should possess in order to ensure the personal tax accountants you choose are right for your needs.


What skills should you look for in a tax accountant?

Tax accountants need a diverse range of skills. Take a look at our list of abilities tax accountants need to optimize your client experience. As accountants in London, we offer highly skilled personal tax accountants and generic tax accountants who offer the following:

– tax accountants should be fully qualified
– personal tax accountants should have expertise in financial matters similar to yours
– tax accountants need to be proactive
– you need easy access to your tax accountants: accountants in London are ideal if you live there, for example. Alternatively, your tax accountants or personal tax accountants should be readily available virtually.
– information from your personal tax accountants or tax accountants should be secure yet accessible 24/7/365.
– your accountant should meet your deadlines.
– personal tax accountants such as our accountants in London must understand the nature of your business and add value with their suggestions.


10 Key tips for when you do your personal tax return

1. If possible, use personal tax accountants. Personal tax accountants can normally minimize your tax obligations.

2. Start early: starting early means you can avoid costly mistakes and put money aside for your tax liability

3. Make sure you keep the right information in a suitable format: this will make sure your work can be done quicker and any HMRC queries can be addressed without worries. See HMRC guidance on keeping records as self-employed.

4. Accounting Software can make life easier: having your data in the cloud can mean your books are done in real-time and your tax returns prepared without delay.

5. Understand your expenses: you need to know exactly what you can claim for your tax and how, such as claiming fuel for business might get complicated so you can use mileage allowance etc., your tax accountant can tell you what’s deductible and how to optimize your allowances

6. Ask for advice on inventory management. Taxing your assets can be complex – your personal tax accountants can tell you what, and what not, to do for best results.

7. Use financial information to help decision making, you can get this from HMRC or our resource website. Using what your personal tax accountants provide helps you make good financial choices.

8. Use your tax accountant: pro-actively ask for input from your personal tax accountants to ensure you’re getting the best value.

9. Hold your personal tax accountants to their guarantees! If your tax accountants promise good service, make sure you get it!

10. Listen to your tax accountants! You are paying for the advice your personal tax accountants give you. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring what you pay for!

If you have any further questions

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We are accountants in London who provide tax services to clients across the capital. Our tax accountants and personal tax accountants are fully qualified and experienced, offering excellent value and sound professional advice. Use our personal tax accountants for tax planning to help you reduce your tax liabilities. No matter how complex your financial affairs might be, our personal tax accountants have the necessary skill to ensure you operate legally at the same time as keeping your tax bill to a minimum.


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We partner with industry leaders to make sure you have access to the best resources and people. We are all about empowering our clients. Here’s proof: