VAT Services

VAT is a complex tax affecting businesses in the UK and the EU. VAT (Value Added Tax) is a type of consumption tax placed on a product whenever the value is added either at a stage of production or at the point of retail sale. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to ensure they are accounting for the right tax at the right time. Inspections are conducted at varying intervals by HMRC, identifying an unpaid VAT error can raise an assessment, leading back four years or more with interest and penalties.

Clear House provides all VAT related services ranging from VAT registration to the solving of disputes in filing returns.

Monthly VAT Returns

VAT returns can be challenging for a VAT registered business. Clear House Accountants in London can help with the preparation, review and submission of simple or complex VAT returns. Returns can be submitted under a variety of schemes and with varying frequencies.
Our service will make sure to take out the hassle, complications and risk from your VAT return process.

VAT Advice

Clear House provides VAT health check services for your business which is designed to find issues before the VATman does. We just made it easier for you.

VAT Planning

Clear House takes the best advantage of the reliefs available and the interpretation of the regulations. We understand how intense investigations of the VATman can be.

VAT Registration

Clear House Accountants can help you to determine if VAT registration is required for your business. If you are thinking about voluntary registration, we can also review if it will save your business money or provide benefits in the long term for growth.
Your VAT registration and review will be done by us while addressing all your concerns and covering all key checks.

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