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Our In-house Startup Accountants are Passionate about working with Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs and take great pride in working with Start-ups. We provide

value driven results for Startups, using Disruptive Technology and Tools to create Business Insights and to facilitate Growth.

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Business Guide prepared by specialist Startup Accountants

Business plan template

Market Research

Guide to Market research

Sales Forcast

Guide to Sales Forecast

Starting a business can get complicated and if not done properly can lead to issues such as incorrect metrics, erroneous business decisions, losses, cash shortfalls, tax inefficiencies, potential HMRC investigations and much more… Hiring a good Startup Accountant will not only mean that you start your business with a strong foundation, but it also means that you will have access to their vast business network, their experience and their tried and tested smart solutions which they would have designed after spending numerous man-hours. Clear House Accountants are Startup Accountants who work with a large number of startups, we have therefore designed intuitive tools such as our Growth Portal, smart solutions to complex tax and accounting problems, free company formations with all our accounting packages and support services which will help your business grow and expand much faster then your competitors. Keep scrolling down to learn more about how we can help your startup or contact us now.

startup business guide UK

Unsure where to start?

View our comprehensive Startup Business Guide for the UK prepared by our in-house Startup Accountants.

Business Plan Review

and Pitch Deck Creation

Our Startup Accountants review Business Plans and Create Pitch Decks for Ambitious Founders and Enthusiastic Business Owners, like you, to assist you in your Funding Rounds and Curating Business Strategy. So why not start with the best possible push required to Grow and Expand?



In the early stages of your business you will need as much Funding and Tax Efficiency as possible and EIS can put you at an advantage. We provide advice for businesses from EIS to SEIS, that can add value to you and your investors alike.

R&D Tax Credits


Cash is king. Our in-house startup accountants are market leaders when it comes to saving money through R&D schemes, which can give you the extra months of Cash Runway until your Business Scales and becomes more sustainable.

Tax and Finance


As expert startup accountants we offer Tax Planning and Advice for both small and large businesses. The goal is to give you, the business owner, a futuristic finance roadmap that fits your needs and budget.

Real-time Accounting + Live


Our Startup Accountants use online solutions such as Xero and QuickBooks, giving you visual access to your Financials, simply to help you keep a finger on the pulse of your Business, instantly.

Business Development


Our Business Development Dashboard is an interface that can be used to manage your business and collaborate with your startup accountants, allowing you to condense the time you spend on administrative activities.

Premium Growth


Our Growth Portal is a Hub of Industry Grade Resources that offer instant solutions to all your operational needs in one place. From a Legal Helpline to Business Templates, it is a One-Stop-Shop for your business operations, specially developed by our startup accountants and our team of developers.

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