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If you have decided to start a small business, your very first objective should be to find a good startup accountant, someone who doesn’t only understand your small business but also understands the startup ecosystem. Our in-house startup accounting services are designed around our client’s needs, add to the mix our specialist startup accounting team and you have a wonderful mix of skills and expertise combined to provide you with the most effective, Accounting, Corporation Tax, and Startup Advisory services.  We provide value-driven results, by using disruptive technology and tools to create useful insights and facilitate growth.

Starting a business can get complicated. If not done correctly, it can lead to inaccurate metrics, erroneous decisions, losses, cash shortfalls, tax inefficiencies, potential HMRC investigations, and much more.

Working with a capable online Accountant will not only mean that you start your business with a strong foundation, but it also means that you will have access to their vast network, experience, and tried and tested intelligent solutions designed after spending countless hours and working with thousands of small to medium businesses.

The perfect Startup Accountancy Services at Clear House Accountants have been designed by our experts while working with a large number of Businesses. This constant innovation has led us to introduce our intuitive tools such as our Growth Portal and our Smart Solutions framework that can help you tackle complex business, tax, and accounting problems. Our company formation services with all our accounting packages and support services will help your business grow and expand much faster than your competitors. Keep scrolling to learn more about our services.

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Business startup guide

Unsure Where to Start your Small Business Startup Journey?

Our Team has worked hard to curate a list of Business Guides to help you tackle all the potential problems your startup can face. Download our comprehensive Business Guide for Startups, prepared by our Leading Accounting and Tax Team!

Business startup guide


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Company Setup

  • Company Formation
  • Sole Trader Business Setup and Registration
  • PAYE Registration
  • VAT Registration
  • Corporation Tax Registration
  • Assistance with Business Bank account Setup
  • Business Planning 
  • Registered Address
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Tools Support

  • Xero and Quickbooks certified Experts
  • Virtual FD Services
  • Growth Portal Support Hub
  • Document Management through GDPR Portal
  • Legal Support Services through free helpline
  • Free Employment & Legal Helplines
  • Fee Template Database
  • Intelligent Cash Flow Software access provided
  • Free CRM and Task Manager
  • Support Partner Network
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Compliance Services

  • HMRC Tax Returns Submissions
  • Limited Company Statutory Accounts Preparation & Submission
  • Companies House Limited Company Secretarial Services
  • VAT, Payroll & CIS Services
  • Auto-Enrolment
  • Import and Export VAT Services
  • IOSS Services (Import One Stop Shop)
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Tax Schemes

  • Staff Incentive Schemes Setup
  • EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) Scheme
  • R&D (Research and Development) Tax relief Claim
  • Creative Tax relief Claim
  • SEIS(Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) & EIS(Enterprise Investment Scheme) Services
  • Patent Box Relief
  • Incorporation and Roll Over Relief Services
  • Support with BADR(Business Asset Disposal Relief) formerly called Entrepreneurs Relief
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Business Support

  • Business Plan Support for Sole Traders or Limited Companies
  • Cloud Bookkeeping & Accounting Support & Training
  • Assisting with Funding Options
  • Revenue Recognition Support
  • Management Accounts, Budgeting and Forecasting, KPI and Dashboard Services
  • Assisting in building Eco-Systems around Cloud Accounting Software

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business plan

Business Plan Review
and Pitch Deck Creation

Our startup accountants review plans and create pitch decks for ambitious founders and enthusiastic owners, like you, to assist you in your funding rounds and curating business strategy. So why not start with the best possible push required to grow and expand?



In the early stage you will need as much Funding and Tax Efficiency as possible, and EIS can put you at an advantage. We provide advice for businesses from EIS to SEIS that can add value to you and your investors alike.

Tax Credits

R&D (Research &
Development) Tax Credits

Cash is king. Our in-house accountants are market leaders in saving money through R&D schemes, which can give you the extra months of Cash Runway until your Business Scales and becomes more sustainable.

tax and finance

Tax and Finance

As expert, we offer Tax Planning and Advice for small and large firm. The goal is to give you, the corporation owner, a futuristic finance roadmap that fits your needs and budget.

Real-time Accounting

Real-time Accounting + Live

Our Accountants use online solutions such as Xero and QuickBooks, giving you visual access to your Financials, simply to help you keep a finger on the pulse of your business instantly.

business development

Business Development

Our Business Development Dashboard is an interface that can manage your business and collaborate with your startup accountants, allowing you to condense the time you spend on administrative activities.

Clients Rewards

Holistic Startup Business Accounting Services To Establish A Business Efficiently


VAT is complex due to the rule & regulations around it. We offer VAT services that include VAT registration and filing with HMRC while taking into account all potential VAT regulations.


As Accountants for Startups, we have perfected our compliance services and can provide statutory accounting and tax solutions that can help your business stay financially healthy while making sure that your statutory compliance is in accordance with HMRC Guidelines.


As Expert advisors, we offer Strategic Planning and Growth services that can give businesses and their key decision-makers critical insights into business operations. Growth is just an insight away.


Our advice on Corporate Tax and Personal Tax Planning can help your startup effectively manage and reduce your tax liabilities with HMRC to avoid potential penalties.


Through Live Dashboards, Analytics, and Real-Time Visualisations, our dedicated Accountants give business owners the insight needed to make crucial business decisions.

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