Corporation Tax Service

A corporation tax return will contain information from your statutory accounts detailing any losses or profits in order to calculate how much corporation tax you owe. With the rates and reliefs on corporation tax changing annually, it’s vital to get expert advice if you want to make the most of the right exemptions, deductions, and allowances that might be available to you in your tax return calculations.

To help you achieve this, Clear House can provide you with a personal tax accountant to undertake a detailed review of your business and uncover potential areas where tax reliefs could massively reduce your corporation tax burden. By working closely with you, we can identify ways to defer the payment of corporation taxes or even ways to reduce the corporation taxes you pay.

We also offer services to help you with proper corporate tax planning. It can be easy to be put this off due to it being complicated. However, through effective planning of your corporate taxes, you could quickly see gains that will lead to improvements in your bottom line and ensure you don’t get hit with any unnecessary charges. By strategically structuring your business operations, corporate tax planning can also minimize your tax liabilities.

The Services we offer include:

  • Undertaking a Tax Compliance Review for your Business
  • Performing correct treatment of various Business Incomes
  • Implementing detailed Tax Planning to minimize liabilities
  • Corporation Tax return preparations & submissions (CT600)
  • Carrying out detailed reviews of current or pre-tax returns



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