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Here at Clear House, you will find a set of distinguished and expert Business Accountants in London who specialise in supporting small businesses. Whether you are a Startup or a small-to-medium sized enterprise our in-house specialist Business Accountant will be able to give expert advice on how your small business can grow, as well as taking care of all of your accountancy related needs and questions.

Our dedication to supporting smaller businesses and our commitment to providing an expert and value for money services as the small business accountant has recently being recognised by the British Small Business Awards 2018 where we were shortlisted in the Accounts and Tax Adviser of the Year category.


How we can Help Small Businesses

Experts in Small Business Growth

Clear House is no ordinary Business Accountant and is set apart from other Accountants in London thanks to our expertise in growth tools that provide incredible benefits to small businesses and Startups.

With the necessary skills and expertise to conduct extensive research into your industry, we can provide you with benchmarks to compare your small business with others in your sector to help give you a competitive advantage. Working together we can come up with effective and sustainable growth solutions for long term business success.

As skilled Startup Accountants, we are adept at putting strategies in place that put your goals and ethos at the centre of creating a strategic and future proof growth plan for your business.

Creating a new kind of Small Business Accountancy

When choosing Clear House as your Small Business Accountant you don’t need to worry about being stuck with Business Accountant that only do things the old fashioned way. We believe traditional accounting solutions can inhibit business visibility and lead to the sort of cost constraints no small business needs. That’s why we came up with our own intelligent framework that works with a business model and promotes growth and success – this framework is called the IFIT Methodology.

IFIT – Identify, Formulate, Implement and Track is a unique methodology that is designed to transform small businesses in the UK. This exciting process is powered by expert Small Business Accountant who can work with you to implement this framework within your business and discuss growth options that work for you individually. As industry leaders, our bespoke service uses the best technology and growth frameworks setting us apart from traditional accounting firms that struggle to bring their methods into the 21st Century.

Supporting your business with key decisions

When you own a small business it can be difficult, challenging, and stressful making key decisions independently. With our team of professional Small Business Accountant on board, you won’t have to. Clear House Business Accountant use Big Data, Business Intelligence and Future Reporting to ensure that you have the best in-depth insights and analytics into both your own business and the industry so that all of your decisions are well informed.

At Clear House, we are experts in QuickBooks and can help your business utilise this programme to the maximum, to positively affect your company. Whether you are a start-up or a small business that is looking to expand, expert advice from professionals can be key in helping you to create smart growth frameworks that set you apart from the rest.

That’s where our Startup Accountants and Small Business Accountant come in. They can provide you with model scenarios and forecasts for your businesses performance going forward, in this way we empower small businesses to make well-informed, SMART decisions about their company.


Bringing Accountancy into the 21st Century

Accountancy is no longer solely about keeping your books in order and sorting out your tax returns (although at Clear House we have got all that covered). Clear House is bringing accountancy into the 21st Century and with expertise in QuickBooks, Growth Portals, Intelligent Frameworks, and Live Dashboards we have the expertise to help your company not only please HMRC, but also to develop ideas for growth and tips to increase your turnover.

As specialists in supporting Startups and SME’s, we make sure that the service you receive is both good value and tailored to your business needs.

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